First impression

Writing the first post is like meeting new people; we never know exactly what to say. Have you ever watched¬†two¬†strangers being introduced for the very first time? Silly smiles, sweaty hands, dry mouth. Those first awkward minutes seem to take forever; so does writing the first lines of the first post. Will it be good enough? Will it be interesting? Will my friends like it? Ordinary questions we ask ourselves every day, about everything. Does it really matter? Of course it’s good to have your talent recognized, but is it that important? Do we live our lives to please others or to please ourselves? Billions of people work hard every day, spending most of their time at work instead of being with loved ones. They walk as fast as they can, not allowing themselves to stop and see the beauty of life. The world is a gigantic industry and the workers never stop. The reason for such exhaustion is money. Money to buy a bigger house and a more expensive car. Money to show other people how well they are doing. Money to sell a life status. Money to please other people, not ourselves. Stuffed wallets, shallow lives. Don’t get me wrong; we all need a professional life. Even though, it’s good to keep in mind that a successful job might not bring fulfillment. When you start working to please yourself, happiness will find your way.

This is my idea of introducing myself. Like I said, “we never know exactly what to say”.