Pressing buttons

Have you ever felt as if you were empty inside? No more agony, no more feelings. Nothing. Have you ever felt this way? Or as if there was someone screaming inside your head while you quietly sit still? Have you ever felt hopeless and out of control? What is it that make other people so happy? I’m drowning, I’m looking at you and suffocating. I’m being fed by words I never say, intrusive thoughts and fear — so much fear. My soul is restless, damaged. Maybe there is no turning back, no light in the end of the tunnel. What is the fucking point? Why is it so dark in here? Heavy breathing, dry mouth, eyes soaked with tears. Tears, fears, fears, tears. This is just insane. I am insane, I am a disease and I’m infectious. Delusional? No. Just reaching the end.


1 thought on “Pressing buttons

  1. Family abandoning family, friends abandoning friends. Everyone holds the key to someone else’s happiness yet no one ever dares to use it. Everyone claiming they are different yet everyone is the same. When was the last time you abandoned someone? When was the last time you were abandoned? Everyone would rather live their life and leave people who need help behind, it is much easier.The worst is no one cares, they don’t realize what they’re doing.

    This fear is meant for you and you alone. You are not wrong or insane, the world is sick.

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