A letter to the dead

What would you say if you could write one last letter to the dead — a dead person you loved very much? Would you waste your last chance with sorrow or would you use this opportunity to say how much you love them and how much you appreciate everything they’ve done? Would you ask for forgiveness? Or would you let them know you’ve truly forgiven them? Now let me ask you a few more questions. What if the dead person was you? Would you be so kind and thankful towards yourself? Most importantly, would you forgive yourself for all the bad things you’ve done? Life and death walk side by side, we never really know when our last chance to redemption will be — so why not start today? People make mistakes all the time, we are only human. What makes the difference is changing what we will do in the future. If you’ve done something wrong, ask for forgiveness. If you’ve had an argument with someone you love (significant other, family, friends, etc), tell them you’re sorry. It might sound a little morbid, but pretend you are all going to die tomorrow. Don’t go to bed with regret — this is the worst thing in the world. Don’t wait to fix things up later — fix it now! Change everything you can in order to be happy. If you know you’re doing something that will hurt someone else, stop it. Find the will to surpass your ego — there’s nothing wrong in asking for forgiveness and admitting you were wrong. Don’t be the one responsible for someone else’s sadness. Never hurt the people you love. You never know when their last day alive will be — or yours.


1 thought on “A letter to the dead

  1. Being someone who suffers from hypochondria, every once in a while I have to deal with a near death experience. That’s of course all in my mind since it’s a mental disorder related to overthinking things. One time it went as far as it could possibly get and I thought I was going to die within few weeks. Stress, anxiety, nausea and loss of appetite are symptoms I was suffering from back then and the thoughts I was having were horrifying. This experience taught me a lot of things and for someone who thought he was going to die, I learned things that unfortunately one would probably never get to learn unless they have a near death experience whether it was all in the mind or reality.

    A lot of people take their lives for granted that’s why they don’t give death a thought and it’s not something many people would want to discuss anyway cause death is the thing that human fear the most. That’s why religion was born. To give us a peace of mind and to keep us going. Some people would call it a distraction from reality but to many it helps a lot.

    What have I learned? I learned how valuable my life is and how things that we enjoy and love the most can lose their values instantly once faced with death. You will look at things differently, you will appreciate every moment and you will always be thankful for having your family and friends around you and supporting you because a lot of people don’t have this luxury and they have to go through these phases alone. Moreover, you will start realizing that things aren’t as difficult as we think they are and that they’re actually simple, in fact everything will become simple to you when you compare it to death.

    If I had a message or a letter to a dead person I loved or cared about, I would ask them to forgive me for every mistake I have done or the pain that I’ve caused. You can’t ask for a better think than forgiveness. Always forgive but never forget. Remember the golden rule, do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

    Probably one of my favourites quotes from my favourite movie series that best describes this epiphany would be “Once you face death up close, then you will know what the value of life is”.

    As for the future and what it holds for you and others, I only have this to say which holds a lot of meanings to it but is necessary. Building the future and keeping the past alive, are one and the same thing.

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