Things left unsaid

Stomach twitching, sweat and adrenaline rush. Basic symptoms we feel when we want to say something, but can’t. When we’re so close, yet so far. Morality is a pain sometimes. This is why we have songs, movies, books and blogs – to find some kind of relief. The best artists are the ones who created something from the things they’ve left unsaid. Desire, anger, disappointment, passion, heartbreak, platonic love, etc. These are the best unsaid feelings one could have in order to create something beautiful, something that will touch the hearts of thousands of people. My question is, why do we leave so many things unsaid? Morality is one of the reasons, but what else? Why do I keep all of this to myself? Why do we say “hi!” when we want to say “I’m crazy for you!”? Why do we smile when we want to cry? Why do we say goodbye to someone we want to stay? And why, oh why, do we have to deprive ourselves from happiness just to make other people happy? Morality and commitment, perhaps. I guess I will have to add this to the pile of unanswered questions about all the unsaid things.


1 thought on “Things left unsaid

  1. Decisions, our dilemma. We always have a hard time making them. A lot of things we do in life come at the expense of other things. For instance, if we choose morality, we lose something; otherwise moral obligations wouldn’t be “obligations” right? Like you said, morality is one reason. At this stage morality is governing your choices. Now if you go and seek other reasons, you will soon realize that the more reasons you find the less choices you’ll have. The reasons you find are set of laws we either created or were naturally inherited. Those laws are governing our choices.

    Now the interesting question is, how do I know that’s the right reason that explains my behaviour? How can we choose that? Is it morality? Is it culture? Is it religion? Is it politics? Is it ethnicity? Or is it personal? It might be other things unrelated to those.

    If I like someone, I really do and see that person. They don’t know how much I like them and I decide to keep it to myself. Why did I do that? Maybe it’s the lack of confidence? Not confident enough to go and share my feelings. Is it insecurity? Am I shy? or do I fear rejection? Some simply don’t want to find out how the other person feel about them because they simply fear rejection.

    Some people think that showing their true emotions would leave them vulnerable. They think it’s their weakness. They think they will be taken advantage of if they communicate their true feelings and emotions so they decide to keep it to themselves. That of course is an assumption. But that assumption comes at the expense of something else, opportunity. Always take the opportunity that makes you a happier person.

    We all have the right to be happy. Always take the decisions that you think will make you happy. If you know that something or someone will make you happy, smile, laugh etc then seek it or be with them, you owe it to yourself. Sometimes, sharing your emotions would make it easier on you. Keeping things to yourself may not always be the healthy choice.

    If you feel like crying, then cry. Crying reduces pressure and is a form of temporary relief.
    If you feel like laughing, then laugh. They say laughter is a good medicine.
    If you like someone, tell them. If you’re shy, show them.
    Don’t deprive yourself from happiness. Find your happiness and make other people happy.

    You only live once. Just be happy! 🙂

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