Social media

We are all connected. Before the advent of the internet, this phrase would sound like something cosmic. Now, it’s an accurate statement.  We are all connected, indeed – on Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Blogs, etc. We are everywhere. Nothing passes unnoticed. Social media has tremendous importance in our lives nowadays; such importance that we measure how people like us by the amount of “likes” we receive every time we post something new. Most importantly, we realize how much we like someone when all we care about is if this person liked what we posted (or not). The new “butterfly in the stomach” is checking the notifications. The new idea of rejection is the “seen” message with no answer. Our generation doesn’t expect love letters; it expects pokes, likes, comments and emoticons. If someone writes something without a smiley face in the end, it’s because they’re mad. Now tell me how your heart beats faster when he or she is online. That agony to see his or her picture with a green online status beside it. The voice in your head telling you to send a message, saying no matter what, and seconds later discouraging you to do so. That’s the new drama of our relationships, the new nature of our feelings. That’s how deep we are into social media.



Mondays are known as the day nobody likes. If monday was a person, it would have no friends, no family and no soul. My monday was beyond unusual today. It was 7:50am when I received a call from a very good friend of mine. He was sick and asked me if I could go pick his sister up at the airport in a couple of hours. I agreed, considering he’s one of my best friends. I got dressed and got to the airport on time. The thing about airports is that you have to wait; there’s no way out. You can either die of boredom or you can find something interesting to do. Some people listen to music, others enjoy good conversations or play games on their phones. I like to observe people; their excitement and their complete lack of emotion. The look in their eyes, especially the children. Balloons and flowers everywhere. Sometimes I can feel their anxiety, their heartbeat. I almost cried like a baby today when I saw a little girl welcoming her mother with arms wide open and a huge smile; it made me miss my mom even more. I also like to observe people who apparently have no emotions at all. People who welcome others as if it wasn’t a big deal (maybe it isn’t). The vibe at the airport can go from complete happiness to absolute sadness, depending on where you look. That’s what intrigues me the most. I waited for almost one hour and a half. She was taking way too long to arrive. “Something must have happened”, I said to myself. After speaking to someone at the information desk, I realized she had missed her flight and would arrive hours later. Today I basically went to the airport just to observe people. If you ever have a chance to quietly observe people, do so. You will be marvelled.

Side note: My friend’s sister arrived and he’s doing much better. 

Sundays and ice cream

Some would say certain smells and sounds can make you think of a memory; I couldn’t agree more. Instead of sticking only to smell and hearing, I allow all my senses to remind me of something or someone. When I see sunflowers, for example, I think of my mom. I remember the first time I took her to the Botanical Gardens in Montreal. When I touch my old diaries, I remember the emotions I was feeling when I wrote it. When I eat my grandma’s rice, I remember my childhood. There’s one specific occasion where all my senses get together: sunny sundays. It makes me think of my favourite memory, which is family time. The sun, the sound of children laughing and the smell of picnic food. The way people like to play with their kids and hold their loved ones hands. Even with all this detailed picture, it wouldn’t be the perfect scenario without the ice cream. In fact, this is my favourite part; a large twisted ice cream cone. When I think about its taste, all the other senses lose priority. I don’t usually allow myself to eat ice cream, but when I wake up to a beautiful sunday, I gladly allow myself to do so. I get out of bed, as excited as a 5 year-old girl and go out to eat ice cream. I go back to when I was younger; I have the same feelings. I nostalgically remember how it felt to be a kid. The best aspect of my present sundays is the fact I’m building new memories on top of old ones. I guess sundays and ice cream will always mean family time to me.

Crazy cat lady

I’ve always loved animals. My very first friend was Roy, my dad’s Dalmatian. When I see pictures of myself as a baby with him by my side, I almost feel like I remember that moment. He was adorable. I grew up knowing how it feels to be loved by an animal, which is the best kind of love there is. Therefore, I’ve always known how it feels to love animals too. I was only 13 when I told my parents I wouldn’t eat meat anymore. One of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Not because I think people who eat meat don’t love animals, but because I’ve never felt good about it. It’s not a secret that I prefer animals over humans. Their love for us is unconditional. So is mine for them. I had birds, turtles, fish, hamsters (one of them believed he was Spider-Man), a loving and friendly bunny called Anita and my dog Duddy, who lives with my parents. A house without an animal is completely empty. That’s how I felt when I moved out. Seeing how much I missed having a pet, someone I love very deeply decided to give me a gift: Ellie, my Ragdoll. I’ve never had a cat before. The things people read about cats are completely inaccurate. Ellie is not only my cat, she’s also my love. She’s my best friend. I’ve had a lot of pet-friends before, but none like her. She’s absolutely adorable, in every way. Where I go, she follows me. When I’m working, she sleeps beside my computer. I’m never alone because she’s always with me. Ellie is a cat and she is friendly; she doesn’t hide from strangers (just a few, but so do I). She plays fetch and she doesn’t ruin my curtains or scratch the couch. Ellie made me realize I’ve always been the crazy cat lady, but never knew before.

Here’s the link to Ellie’s YouTube channel, if you’d like to see how adorable she is:


We all have obsessions in life. Some are mild, some are dangerous. Both are hard to distinguish. Simple things can become a huge obsession, like losing weight for example. Some behaviours are so risky that people end up developing an obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). Why do we allow that to happen? The mind is far more complex than we believe it is. Intrusive thoughts have the power to enslave us without us noticing. Life is so complicated, isn’t it? No, it isn’t. We make things complicated because we are always second-guessing our decisions. It’s when the intrusive thoughts begin to take control over our minds. “Should I eat that?”. “Are my hands clean enough?”. “Where is she going?”. “What are they hiding?”. “What if I call him just one more time?”. When we need to do an extra effort to get something, it’s because it wasn’t supposed to be ours in the first place. That’s how simple life is. There is tremendous beauty in all its simplicity, but not everyone can see it.  Instead, people choose to obsess over something (or someone) and from that moment on, their lives are completely destroyed. Having an unhealthy mind means having an unhealthy life.

First impression

Writing the first post is like meeting new people; we never know exactly what to say. Have you ever watched two strangers being introduced for the very first time? Silly smiles, sweaty hands, dry mouth. Those first awkward minutes seem to take forever; so does writing the first lines of the first post. Will it be good enough? Will it be interesting? Will my friends like it? Ordinary questions we ask ourselves every day, about everything. Does it really matter? Of course it’s good to have your talent recognized, but is it that important? Do we live our lives to please others or to please ourselves? Billions of people work hard every day, spending most of their time at work instead of being with loved ones. They walk as fast as they can, not allowing themselves to stop and see the beauty of life. The world is a gigantic industry and the workers never stop. The reason for such exhaustion is money. Money to buy a bigger house and a more expensive car. Money to show other people how well they are doing. Money to sell a life status. Money to please other people, not ourselves. Stuffed wallets, shallow lives. Don’t get me wrong; we all need a professional life. Even though, it’s good to keep in mind that a successful job might not bring fulfillment. When you start working to please yourself, happiness will find your way.

This is my idea of introducing myself. Like I said, “we never know exactly what to say”.